Friday, June 25, 2010

Pattycake Crochet Puppet Doll

My mom told me stories about a little crocheted puppet named Patty. My granny made her for my first Christmas. In the evenings after Mom finished feeding me she would pass me over to Dad and he would keep me entertained by waving and dancing this little puppet in front of me.

My brother is expecting his first little baby this year and she is also the first grandchild in the family. Patty is long gone now and Dad is going to need a new Patty for him and his grand-daughter to play with. I searched everywhere and I could not find a puppet pattern like Patty. Not free, not for sale, not even decades old. I created Patty completely from memory with the crochet skills I have learned. And here she is! She turned out amazingly wonderful! I love her and I hope my new little niece will enjoy my Dad playing with her as much as I did. Happy Father's Day!

♥ Thanks to my darling husband for modeling my Pattycake Doll. ♥


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