Monday, July 5, 2010

Mario Bros. Mushrooms

I am starting off my Mario Brothers amigurumi kick with the power-up mushrooms. The red Super Mushroom will cause Mario to double in size and strength allowing him to smash through bricks and take an extra hit. The green 1-UP Mushroom will give Mario an Extra Life and are usually the rarest to be found. The yellow Mega Mushroom grants Mario a colossal form allowing him to stomp across the level and crush anything in his path. The purple Poison Mushroom can power down or defeat Mario if he touches it.
The pattern for these power-up mushrooms and all things Mario can be found at WolfDreamer "Mario Brothers Mushrooms." I altered the pattern slightly by repeating round 4 of the face two more times.


WolfDreamer said...

Those came out absolutely awesome! WTG! :D

elf ♥ dwarf said...

Thanks! I'm starting on your Toadette pattern now. ♥

Unknown said...

Ah! These are adorable! For sure on my to-do list now ^_^. They would make great key chains.

Tash said...

SOOOOO cute! I'll make these when I've finished with making up my cactus garden ^.^

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